Now that you have familiarised yourself with storefront's dashboard, your store will need products that you can sell online, you can manage this under the catalogue.

Adding products is very simple, but first start off by creating categories for the products you are planning to sell. This will help your customers find what they looking for as fast as possible. Add pictures and descriptions of each category. 

The categories will play a major role in sorting your products. Here you will be able to add pictures, give your category a name and a description, as well as manage the display options. Once you have added a few categories, the next step is to add the manufacturers of your products.  Under manufactures you will be able to add the manufacturer's brand logo and provide a description of the manufacturer. The manufacturer can help categorise your products further. If a customer is searching for a specific brand this will help them find the brand they are looking for.


Another important aspect to consider when adding categories, manufacturers and products is the importance of Search Engine Optimisation. What do you think your customers will type into Google when searching for a product?  You would want your products to be found easily on all search engines. SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Adding products brings you one step closer to getting your store online and to start selling.  

To add products you will need a photo of your product, the name of your product, a description, the category and manufacturer your product falls under, the price you would like to sell your product for, SKU code, your available stock of the item, any documentation of the product, related products,shipping information and product variations.

Alternatively you can download our excel product catalogue template and add all product information on excel.  This spreadsheet can then be uploaded and your product catalogue will automatically be updated. All of this can be found under the tools menu item.